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Tranquil Path is situated in country Victoria, Australia. It was established after it's director, Marlene, first discovered flower essences. She felt instantly drawn to these beautiful remedies and found them to be very helpful in her own personal healing work. Some years later, she launched an essence website and through it, retailed a variety of flower essence ranges from around the world. A few years later, she began making remedies for pets- this venture enabled her to combine two of her passions: flower essences and animals.

* formally Wholistic Life P/L trading as Flower Essence Center

Tranquil Path's Director

Marlene is a qualified flower essence therapist.

Over the years, she has studied various other components of natural health Reiki 1 and 2 (Certifcates), Animal Reiki Workshop (Certificate; with Kathleen Prasad, U.S.A), Touch For Health 1, 2 and 3 (Certificates), Natural Animal Health (- diploma not completed due to college closing).

She plans to complete here Reiki training ASAP (i.e. do level III training)

Marlene enjoys (- is hooked on!) song writing and offers a song writing service (- some of her songs can be found on T.P's site, including this page.)

She also enjoys writing e.g. about reconnecting (consciously) with one's loving Divine Self and the beautiful One-ness of Creation. Inspired also by years of exploring the spiritual and mystical aspect of life, and her love of animals and nature, Marlene is currently writing a book for children, about the magical adventures of one Princess Meg and her two and four legged friends...! (- a sample of the current manuscript can be found here , please note)

As a freelance writer, Marlene has in the past written various articles for local and international magazines - these articles can also be found on the articles page, please note.) She is also available to discuss possibly writing song lyrics (and / or jingles.)

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Please note: Flower essences and reiki treatments should not replace important
and / or emergency medical attention.

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