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Marlene of Tranquil Path is currently writing a series of fantasy books for children (and those simply young at heart!) She hopes to also release the books one day in an audio format with accompanying music (i.e. songs she writes.) Marlene also hopes to create a play script of the story one day with the view to having it performed in schools, children theatres (or a similar venue ...)

Below is a small sample of the "work in progress" book. Please understand, this is just a manuscript draft, not the final version as Marlene has not completed the series nor edited fully work done thus far...It is reproduced here simply to indicate the style of the book for anyone perhaps interested to read the below and / or who may wish to be notified once the book is completed etc

...So, if you wish to, throw some magic fairy dust around and read on!


Brief summary / synopsis of the story......

Princess Meg, an only child, is visited by an elven King and told a great destiny is believed to await her. This involves carrying out a task in an Event that will hopefully halt the advent of a feared villain – Boris and his Bandits.

Boris’s army has caused much suffering in the North. Now, they have begun to advance in the direction of Meg’s kingdom in the south, determined to overcome it - chiefly by destroying the Great Gold Lake that supplies the Kingdom with most of it's water.

Furthermore, both the magical folk and Meg’s parents now fear Boris is being assisted by an evil Troll Sorcerer and therefore Boris is also using foul magic to try and overcome his enemies.

Meg agrees to the task and with the help of her best friend, Matt, embarks on a rapid training course to prepare for the Event she will be involved in along with six other Beings- animal, magical, angelic.

Her training takes place chiefly on the Isle of Sweet Serenity and in Eldarelle Forest, the homes of two Elven Kingdoms.

Once the training is complete, she heads off with Matt to the Sacred Site where she will be positioned on the day of The Event.

Along the way, she and Matt encounter a number of other beings and have various magical and spiritual experiences - all up, it proves to be quite an adventure for a nine year old girl. She learns a lot along the way- about herself, looking after animals and the environment and about the world in general... All of which stand her in her good steed to become a most capable, wise and caring Queen one day.

Chapter One

Meg awoke suddenly. There was a ball of light glowing softly at the foot of her bed. The ball floated freely, bobbing up and down gently. Watching it, Meg felt no fear, only delight and curiosity , for the beautiful light seemed, well… friendly!

Suddenly the ball stopped moving and to Meg’s fascination, it began to glow brighter and brighter, then larger and larger. As Meg's eyes likewise grew larger and larger as she watched, transfixed, the ball suddenly erupted into a thousand brilliant colors and there appeared before her then a rather small and entirely exquisite creature.

“Greetings, Princess Meg!”, the male being said - for though bedazzled, Meg determined the small being before her was most certainly male.

“My name is Tonkin, King of the Elves of yonder Eldarelle Woods”, he announced, indicating with a wonderfully bejewelled hand, the trees discernible through an oval window.

“Eldarelle Woods - how lovely”, Meg murmured, delighted at the name the Being before her attributed to the expansive woodlands near the castle – and that the locals commonly, and rather dully, referred to as "The Big Woods".

“Yes, it is indeed a lovely name for a lovely place”, Tonkin said, smiling affectionately. Fixing his intelligent and benevolent gaze then firmly upon Meg, the elf king continued in a more commanding manner.

“My dear girl, it is so wonderful to finally meet you! We actually foresaw your birth in the Picture Pond and have been aware of you always since the grand occasson of your entry into this world. The sparrows you so love to feed, for example, report to us weekly of your public activities. They thank you for your thoughtful gesture, by the way… Say they adore the shortbread crumbs you feed them …I mys-elf personally prefer delicious blueberry cupcakes ….”, he added whimsically, his voice trailing off.

Meg gasped, only too aware that when Cook wasn’t looking, she often snuck freshly baked shortbreads from the large kitchen and left them for her tiny friends in a bird feeder in the courtyard

Meanwhile, Tonkin settled himself on the edge of the bed - if semi-transparent beings can in fact settle upon anything solid- arranging his magnificent maroon cape around his finely built frame.

Feeling suddenly a little overwhelmed, Meg buried herself further under her duvet, all the while never taking her eyes from the wondrous, but somewhat unsettling, Elf King before her.

As she gazed shyly upon him, she determined his countenance was a delightful combinaton of comeliness and authority. His almond shaped blue eyes twinkled kindly but wisely above a trim grey moustache and neat pointy grey beard. His small ears were curiously pointed at the top and seemed to wriggle from time to time as if he was hearing things Meg herself could not detect. His short, rather skinny legs were handsomely attired in luxurious stockings and upon his dainty feet were two emerald green shoes with pointy, curled toes. In contrast to his skinny legs, a slightly rounded belly protuded beneath his elegant dark green coat- which, Meg now noticed, seemed to be dusted with a few yellow crumbs.

“My dear," Tonkin continued warmly, "Allow me to explain to you the reason for my visit, unexpected as it is - and I do apologise if my appearance has in any way startled you”

Meg gave a rather nervous giggle and watched then as King Tonkin reached into a large pocket of his beautifully embroidered coat and pulled from it a stunning ring, the likes of which Meg had never seen before.

“No, not that old thing….” Tonkin murmured, to Meg’s disbelief, shoving the luminous ring back in his pocket and rummaging further.

”Ahhh, here it is!” he then announced triumphantly, removing from his pocket, somehow, a head dress of exquisite interwoven metal flowers. As Meg gazed upon it in rapture, it slowly changed colors- and, why surely, that was flowers she suddenly smelt!

“"Indeedy-do!"", as my twenty-seventh grandson, Doliel is want to say," Tonkin commented, noticing her nose twitch. "They are most assuredly fragrant when in use - wife likes to wear these when we are playing hosts to visiting gnomes. Finds their musky woodsy odour a bit much to be around....Me, I don’t mind it - but I digress…! My fair wife Giselda does always say I am wont to ramble on” he added, smiling, it seemed, to himself.

"Returning to the matter at hand!", Tonkin then continued purposefully, indicating the sparkly headdress.

"This, my dear, is for you!” and with that he vanished and re-appeared right beside Meg and carefully held the headdress upon her tousled hair.

Tipping his head thoughtfully to one side, he murmured, "A good fit, most assuredly….Master Jeweller Gelwyn will be most pleased... Mustn’t forget to mention it to him. Journal entry, please!", he then commanded in a rather striking tone - at which brighly colored blue and pink, glittery words began to form in mid air. As Tonkin watched with satisfaction and Meg watched with amazement, the elegant, dancing words then began to fade as they drifted out the open window into the dark night, headed for the woods.

As the last word vanished from view, Tonkin turned towards Meg and winked “Am wont to forget such things otherwise unfortunately…" he said calmly. Then noticing Meg's baffled expression, he hastened to add "It's a memo to mys-elf, to thank Master will be invisible by now and soon reach my writing chamber and there imprint itself in my Jotting Journal. It will then again glitter until I have attended to the matter - hard to overlook that way!", he explained calmly, before adding with satisfaction,

“The headdress suits you, my dear…good thing about these too - once on, they settle as a color that suits the color of one's hair. What color is it then, you’re thinking?…Pink, my dear, to perfectly offset your fair gold locks. See - beautiful color, isn’t it?” he added as he then lowered the head dress so that Meg might inspect it.

Meg nodded slowly and on impulse, reached out to touch the delicate pink object – and gasped, for her hand passed right through it.

“That’s right! Ethereal, not physical! These particular head dresses only become physical when a human wishes to use them”, Tonkin explained. “Until then they remain ethereal and most Human Folk can't see them - just elves, fairies and unicorns - but that’s another story”, King Tonkin added quickly, as Meg’s eyes flew open again.

”Allow me, my dear”, he continued presently, “to explain a little about this fine piece and why it is now in your possession!” at which his glowing body landed gently upon the pillow.

Resting the head dress on his impeccably clad legs, Tonkin let out a sigh of contentment. “Forgotten how nice these cushions are…been a while since I visited Human Folk - running a kingdom and all that, you know…” he added casually.

Meg nodded, her shock and surprise now melting before the kind gaze of this most friendly of Beings positioned but inches away. Almost bursting with curiosity, Meg eagerly waited for him to continue,

She didn’t have to wait long. Without any further ado, King Tonkin began.

“My dear, it was foretold you were born to do great, even momentous things”

Meg blinked. Whatever did that mean!? Suddenly she felt a little frightened

Tonkin smiled kindly and Meg happened to notice that no wrinkles or crinkles appeared anywhere on his face when he did so.

““Forever Flawless”, he said calmly, observing her scrutiny “One of my favorite tasting spring water drinks…Seems to work alright too…”, the elf king added absently, running a hand over his indeed flawlessly smooth face.

“Ooooh, how Mama would love such a drink!” Meg mused, recollecting how each deepening line her mama noticed on her face caused her to sigh in despair.

“So silly”, Meg thought, “She is yet so very beautiful…”

Tonkin’s voice now interrupted her thoughts. “But again I digress!… he said. “Allow me, if you will, dear Princess, to return to the matter at hand - your future ….”

Before she could check herself, Meg gushed, “What is it to be?” hastening to add “- if you please, King Tonkin..”

“Tonky, please call me Tonky if you wish – and perhaps I may call you Meg in return?”, he asked politely, raising a finely etched eyebrow quizzically. “There is, after all , time enough for formalities when one is amongst the public, is there not…...?”

Meg quickly nodded and awaited him to outline the future the elves believed would transpire for her.

“Well and good then…” …Tonkin said, pleased. “Now, before I proceed, bear in mind Meg, though the Pond presented certain images to us, the future is not set in stone. Or so we firmly believe…Hence, even though on the night you first graced this Earth nine years ago the heavens also whispered to us of your future, we believe you are free to change your Path, and consequently your life, as you so wish to…for you too, my dear, are blessed with Free Will and hence your Destiny ultimately is in your hands…or so we believe…. Now then! On that understanding, here is what was foretold by way of images that appeared on the surface of the Picture Pond…”

As Meg listened to his description, she was overcome with a feeling of deep awe and profound happiness.

“And so you have it!”, Tonkin exclaimed at length. Leaning forward, he asked then in a fatherly fashion, “Do you understand, my dear?”

Meg nodded once, slowly, still assimilating all she had just heard.

“Excellent, Meg!”, King Tonkin declared, clapping his hands together once with satisfaction. “Now my dear, no doubt questions will arise as you ponder all you have heard - and will hear and learn. That is where this comes in!” he said, lightly tapping the head dress that Meg had completely forgotten about.

“It is in fact a summoning head dress- an older model but it still works just fine….no offence, but the latest models aren’t really suitable for novices, you see.. can give one a terrible headache if one is not used to them….So! Here’s the thing...Any time you want to talk to me, hold that thought and the head dress will become as solid as can be! Then simply place it on your head and request that I appear. Allow a few minutes for the “call to go through”, so to speak and then the head dress can be removed at which times it will become etheral again in a matter of minutes."

Then, pre-empting the question forming on Meg's lips, he added, “Don’t worry, we have put an Invisible spell on this particular one to ensure that no other Human Folk can see it should they chance upon you when you using it …. Don’t want to start tongues waggling, do we?” he asked, smiling good naturedly. “Young Betsy especially is a bit of a chinwagger, I’m told!” he added, winking again.

Meg giggled. Betsy, her chambermaid was indeed fond of gossip. An orphan, the King and Queen had taken her in when she was a child- and soon learnt she was quite a handful overall. Several times, for example, her shoes had been spied peeping out from under the bay window curtains in the dining parlor. Winking, Meg’s father, King Alfred, had always immediately commenced a battery of jokes, as it amused him to watch the curtains tremble each time the girl silently shook with laugher.

At such times, the Queen had good naturedly, but briefly, indulged her husband’s whim for such amusement before carefully steering the conversation into safe waters- for both she and the King were wise folk and rulers and knew only too well that certain information was off limits when the curtains suddenly grew a pair of feet.

“Twiddle de do, and my-oh-my!” Tonkin’s voice again cut through Meg’s rambling thoughts. “There’s my ride already!” he exclaimed, glancing out of one the windows which overlooked the Castle’s rear courtyard.

Turning, to her surprise, Meg observed hovering just beyond the window, a beautiful and very large light grey bird, such as she had never seen before.

“Soarcrests.” Tonkin explained in a matter of fact manner. “You won’t have seen them around here though – they originated in the North, but since The Wars started they have been living in Eldarelle Woods ….Very sensitive creatures you see, can’t stand to be near suffering and pain. It affects them terribly and they can’t fly properly if they chance upon such scenes …crash to the ground, they do….So they retreated to our peaceful “neck of the woods”, as some might put it. Various other very sensitive creatures have too - but that’s another story….” he concluded, rising and adjusting his cape.

He then floated to the little bedside table next to Meg’s bed and placed the head dress upon it.

Turning then to face the visibly disappointed girl, he said kindly, “No room for gloom, my dear! Remember, we shall meet again …this is only the beginning!"

And with that Tonkin returned to Meg’s side and took her right hand gently in his own. Meg tingled at his touch, joy flowing through her as if the sun had suddenly burst out from behind a very dark cloud. Having then planted a kindly kiss upon her finger tips, Tonkin lifted into the air and began to glow, brighter and brighter.

”I must away, Princess. Promised the good wife I’d be back by dawn to help her organise a concert the local bird choir are giving next week”.

Tonkin sighed with pleasure “Such a wonderful choir, never heard the likes of it anywhere else….”

Stunned, Meg watched the elven king glide towards the open window.

“Yes! A bird choir”, he called out over his shoulder. “The local birds sing so beautifully that we suggested they form an ensemble - call themselves A Choir to Inspire…. and they most certainly do. Their performances are truly inspirational ...…I’m sure you’ll hear one someday, my dear”, he added casually before floating out the window.

“Hello, dear chap”, Meg then heard Tonkin murmur affectionately as he gently positioned himself astride the soarcrest.

Stroking the bird’s neck fondly, he looked upwards. ”Ah, good! Still no clouds- a bright night ideal for flight! Are you still happy to fly around a bit, boy?" Tonkin enquired then of the soarcrest hovering yet before the window.

The majestic bird instantly open his dark red beak and gave a deep squawk of consent.

Smiling, King Tonkin murmured “Excellent - indeedy-do!” before turning again to the girl yet lying in her bed.

“Just love to soar way up high, do the soarcrests. So I asked dear Sonor here if he wouldn't mind doing a High Fly with me tonight as I wish to survey the area - and riding him makes a nice change from teleporting here, there and everywhere....", he explained casually.

As Meg, frowning, now sought to recall if her governess had ever discussed teleporting, the Elf King called out cheerfully, "Farewell for now then, Meg!” - and with that he and the soarcrest disappeared from view.

Sadness engulfed Meg – the elf King was gone! It was over! Sighing, she sought comfort in the familiar warmth of her bed, burrowing deeper yet beneath the fluffy duvet. Then, determined to review all that she had seen and heard, Meg closed her eyes and prepared to ponder it all most carefully- however, still dazed and overwhelmed, she instead fell promptly sound asleep!

Above manuscript reproduction, copyright Tranquil Path Pty Ltd 2014

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