Frequently Asked Questions

What are flower essences?
Flower essences are natural remedies that address negative emotional states, sometimes physical ailments, and can be taken when one wishes to develop a more positive mind-set and/or enhance one's wellbeing. The properties of flower essences are made possible through the life force of the flowers.

The life force of each different species of flower is "in tune" with a different emotion/s. For example, Aspen flower essence addresses fears of unknown origins, hence can be taken if someone wishes to feel increasingly fearless, joyous and eager.

Dissolving and alleviating negative emotions allows the Higher Self to manifest increasingly in the individual's life. This in turn enhances our sense of wellbeing and wholeness.

How were they discovered?
Flower essences have a long history. The Egyptians and early Aboriginals were among those who knew of flowers' healing properties. However it was an English practitioner, Dr Edward Bach, who "rediscovered" them last century.

Observing the importance of emotional health, he developed 38 essences using traditional scientific methods and intuition. Today there are flower essences available from flowers native to many countries.

How are they made?
To obtain the properties of the flower, usually a method of extraction by water is used . The most popular such method is the "sun method" as used by Dr Bach, for example. The procedure is both gentle and effective: flowers are placed in a glass bowl containing pure water and left in the morning sun for a few hours. The water, containing the extracted vibrational energy of the flowers, is then collected and pure water and alcohol added (to form the "mother tincture"). Dr Bach also employed another method, the "boiling method", with approximately half of his remedies

It is acknowledged among many practitioners that a respectful, positive frame of mind during the procedure is important (some say essential!) if the essences are to be of the highest quality.

How do I take them?
Flower essences are usually ingested. They can be purchased as dilute (dosage) and concentrate (stock) strength bottles.
You can use the stock bottle itself - directions are usually written on the bottle.
Alternativley, you can make up your own dosage bottle from the stock bottle. (Contact us if you would like directions)

When ingested, the recommended dosage is generally 2-4 drops of the stock bottle / 4-7 drops of dosage bottles, 2-4 times a day.

Flower essences can (generally) also be used in the bath, spray bottles, added to gentle creams / oils or rubbed into the skin (though this may irritate some skin as most essences contain alcohol, as a preservative.)

Both dosage and stock strength bottles should be kept away from heat, light and radiation (e.g. computers, televisions, mobiles/cell phones).

If taken as directed, a dosage bottle course usually lasts about 2-4 weeks, however, the remedy itself lasts considerably longer (if stored correctly)
The shelf life of stock bottles is greater than that of the dosage bottles, if stored correctly, (sources vary with regards to the exact shelf life: 10 years plus)

Are there any side effects?
Flower essences generally have no negative side-effects due to their ingredients. If however one is allergic to alcohol, which most essences contain, first consult a professional about possible SAFE ways to use essences. If one is taking pharmaceutical drugs that should not be taken at the same time as alcohol, again, do consult with your doctor before using essences. Also, some essences are prepared with a glycerin base/contain glycerin and this may be something to consider if one is diabetic.

The purpose of taking essences is to promote / enhance self discovery, personal growth and well-being. In the course of using essences, they can however sometimes connect us with the emotions they are addressing. This can at times cause some discomfort etc. When pronounced, this is called a “healing crisis” - symptoms get stronger before they start to ease.
(nb Some people also believe some flower essences directly target physical ailments and that some essences may bring about changes on a physical level)

It is fine to cease taking the essences at any point, should heightened emotions cause discomfort or simply if one feels inclined to do so (e.g. if one intutively feels this is appropriate.) The essence/remedy (or perhaps a different one) can be resumed at a later date if desired, perhaps at a different dose. Consult an essence therapist for more information regarding this if required

Furthermore, a person may find it beneficial to seek some form of counselling while "working through" certain issues (with a flower essence therapist or another practitioner). This can be especially true when one is dealing with very deep, painful or complex issues.
And, of course, common sense should always be used! Flower essences should not replace important medical /pyschological attention, so seek a medical/health practitioner when necessary or if you health is in doubt.

Can I replace my current (pharmaceutical) medication with flower essences?
Always make an informed decision regarding this. Whilst flower essences can be taken for a number of ailments (e.g. depression, stress) one needs to approach this matter sensibly. First, discuss discontinuing any drug with your doctor in case it's important/vital the drug be continued, either for a period of time or indefinitely. (This applies to natural remedies too e.g. naturopathic, homeopathic.)
Furthermore, if one decides to cease a drug, withdrawal needs to be carried out correctly, to avoid possible complications. Discuss this also with your doctor before ceasing any drug/medication.

It's generally recommended one also consult with a professional essence therapist before making any decision to replace a drug with essences - together you can then discuss if, when and how one could make the transition. (It may be helpful also get a 2nd opinion at times regarding this or other medical related matters)

Generally, it is wise to always advise all of one's therapists/doctors about ALL medications/therapies/remedies one is currently using, in case one affects/has a bearing, on another.
Some essences can influence the physical e.g. Apricot essence is associated with blood sugar levels. This is something to bear in mind for a person taking medically prescribed insulin, or, perhaps, relevent remedies supplied by e.g. a naturopath. It's best to know all the effects of any essence, in case their use has some bearing on any other remedies or medicines, drugs you may be taking or planning to take.

Flower essences can generally be used alongside conventional medicines, however, again, do advice your doctor of any essences you might be taking (even though some may not be familiar with or advocates of essences!)

Flower essences generally work wonderfully with other natural/holistic therapies. They can be used with most of these - again, however, if you are using other natural therapies at the same time (e.g. homeopathics), it's generally best to notify the respective practitioners / suppliers regarding this.

How much do they cost?
The price for stock bottles varies between different companies, ranging from approx Aus $10.00 to $20.00. Dosage bottles usually cost between Aus$12.00 and $20.00.
And briefly.....
Behavioural and emotional imbalances in a person or animal can sometimes manifest due to physical disease being present. Hence, when considering essences for an emotional imblance, it's always wise to first establish that no physical disease is present. If any illness is present or suspected, seek reputable medical assistance ASAP.

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Flower essences should not replace important
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