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If you wish to order any flower essences / products from Tranquil Path, please just fax, phone or
e-mail us and indicate:

- The song/s and / or products you wish to purchase .
- Your postal address.
- Your preferred method of payment: please click here (or scroll down) to view options, including PayPal.

Alternatively, to book a Reiki treatment, please just contact us via e-mail or phone.

Our contact details are:

Tranquil Path P/L
Victoria, Australia
- please contact us should you be requiring our postal details, thank you


Please contact us for fax number, thank you

Mobile phone:

Within Aus: 0407 117 579
From overseas: (international code*) 61 407 117 579
* please contact your phone company if you are unsure of code used in your country to make Skype: Please contact us for our Skype name, if you would like to Skype Tranquil Path

Payment options:

Please note, the following payment options are now available:

VISA / Mastercard payment:
Payment can be made by these 2 cards online via PayPal (- see PayPal below)

If you have a VISA or Mastercard and an e-mail address, you can pay your invoice using PayPal. It's easy!
Just contact us with your e-mail address and your order. Once we have confirmed the order with you,
we will e-mail you a PayPal invoice. You then simply click on the web link contained in the e-mail.This
takes you to PayPal's web site where you can make your payment (- you don't need to have a PayPal
account to pay this way, please note. If you however already have a PayPal account set up, you can
of course pay your invoice using funds from your PayPal account, if prefered)

Cheques / money orders:

Please make payable to Tranquil Path P/L, thank you
All cheques to be made out in Australian dollars (cheques in foreign currencies cannot be accepted, please note.)

Direct Debit / Telegraphic Transfer

Our bank account details for the purpose of DD'g/TT'g can be obtained when an order is placed.
Please note, the Tranquil Path accepts no responsibility for payments deposited into accounts
other than that of account we provide details for.

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Flower essences and / or Reiki should not replace important and / or emergency medical attention!

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