Flower essences and the Animal Kingdom:

The animal kingdom generally responds beautifully to flower essences. Like people, animals experience a range of emotions. Unfortunately, at times these can be distressful and unpleasant. Enter flower essences! Essences can be easily be used for a variety of emotional difficulties animals experience.

Flower essences are especially wonderful for our pets in that pets often can't rationalise what is going on around them. Think of the dog who gets ignored because his owner has just lost his job. The dog of course isn't to know the cause of his owner's aloofness, yet can feel confused, anxious and hurt. In such an instance a variety of flower essences could be given to the dog for his distress and pain.

Pets / animals also often "sponge up" the "vibes" in their immediate environment e.g. yours! Thankfully, this too can be addressed by flower essences thus enabling animals to be less affected by environmental influences.

Our pets deserve the best care we can give them. We need to ensure they have a nutritious diet, proper medical care, and sufficient exercise. Meeting their emotional needs is however all important. By addressing negative emotional patterns, flower essences are just one step to ensure our pets / animals lead a happier, healthier life.

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Further and important information about flower essences and their use, in general, can be found here, at Tranqil Path's FAQ page.

Esssences and horses

Esssences and dogs

Esssences and cats


Free Reiki energy healing (done remotely) is also oftem available for rescued animals, please note* (- to enquire about Reiki and how it works, please feel free to contact us)


There are today a number of wonderful people dedicated to trying to save many domestic animals. Often they work as volunteers, working around the clock, and largely paying for the animals care (-including vet bills) out of their own finances or at times, also via fund raising, donations etc.
The different shelters/ rescues groups can vary sometimes in their approachs, policies and philosphies. We at Tranquil Path therefore suggest people wishing to surender / rehome an animal make enquires with shelters before surrending animals (stray and/or domestic) to them, so as to have a better notion of what the animal might experience.
e.g. are animals thoroughly vet checked before being penned in the shelter (- financial restrictions/limitations may not always make this possible) ; Do you euthanase animals? If so under what circumstances and after how long usual?ly? Will the animal be housed separately or in a communal pen? (- financial , space restrictions etc may mean animals need to be penned together.) If communal, are ill or suspected ill animals isolted from others ? etc etc.
This way, you should have a much better picture of what of the animal likely can expect if left at a particular place- you may also, based on the information received, wish to look elsewhere for a place to leave / rehouse the animal....

Tranquil Path also strongly urges people to place their animal at a (genuine) "no-kill" shelter, if possible. Such shelters have a general policy of keeping animals until a home is found rather than euthanase animals after an (often) brief period of time. Such an approach, we feel, is the essence of true animal rescue and adoption (- though we of course, again, we understand financial, time, space, legal etc restrictions unfortunately can have a significant bearing on how rescue organisations operate)

Please also note, sadly a number of cats available for adoption (or at adoption pens/centers) may have FIV (end stage is cat AIDS) or FeLV (feline leukaemia virus), and here at Tranquil Path, we feel this is something to be aware of when adopting a cat, as both diseases can unfortunately be transmitted to other cats.

Flower essences and / or Reiki should not replace important / vital

veterinarian attention!

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