The following are available from Tranquil Path

n.b. "Stock" means concentrate strength: can be used to make other (dilute strength) bottles
"Dosage" means dilute strength

nb. 7.5 ml = 1/4 oz.

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Single Flower Essence Bottles:

BACH Flower Remedies as prepared by PHI Flower Essences:
Stock: 30 ml - Aus$30.00 - tbc
Stock: 15 ml - Aus$22.50 - tbc
(500 ml size bottles also available upon request)

Stock, 30 ml: Aus$30.00 - tbc
Stock, 15 ml: Aus$22.50 - tbc
(500 ml size bottles also available upon request)
Various sets (20 or 40 essences/set) available at discounted price
Tranquil Path is also a distributor for this range:
for any wholesale enquires, please contact us.

Stock, 15 ml: Aus$20.50 - tbc
(500 ml size bottles also available upon request)
Tranquil Path is also a distributor for this range:
for any wholesale enquires, please contact us.

Stock, 15 ml: Aus$26.95 - tbc
Tranquil Path is also a distributor for this range:
for any wholesale enquires, please contact us.

Stock, 15 ml: Aus$17.50 - tbc
Tranquil Path is also a distributor for this range:
for any wholesale enquires, please contact us.

Flower Essence Products

(Currently not available, please note)
Available upon request only
Classic Flowers / European Wild Plants card sets (40 cards per set) - Aus$tba

Available upon request only:
Posters (A2 size) - choice of Disa, Wild Iris or Sugar Bush Protea pictures - Aus$tba
Wall Chart (A3 size): emotional index - Aus$tba
Slides - Aus$tba

Remedies for animals
(Currently not available, please note)

Dosage strength: 30 ml / 1 oz
- Single remedy bottle: $15.00*
- Per additional remedy added to bottle: $ 2.00*
E-mail, Skype or phone consultations are also available. (Customers to cover phone, Skype costs)
- Initial 15 minutes of consultation: free
- Every additional 10 minute (block) Center is engaged in consulting: $5.00*

F.E.C remedies: dosage remedies
(Currently not available, please note)

Prepared here at Tranquil Path (using essences selected from the 3 Flowers Healing and / or Bach and / or FES and / or PHI and / or DEVA ranges)
30 ml cobalt blue bottles: $15.00*

- Sooth Remedy: to calm and sooth
- Optimism Remedy: for courage, motivation, positivity
- Forgiveness Remedy (2 formulas): to help forgive self or others
- Loss / Grief Remedy: to provide support at this difficult time
- Trauma Remedy: to provide help for shock, trauma or in first aid situations
- Loneliness: Remedy to ease the pain of loneliness
- Winter Remedy: for "winter woes"
- Self Worth Remedy: to enhance self esteem, self acceptance
- Confidence Remedy: to strengthen confidence
- Bright Light Remedy: to help one connect to, absorb and shine Cosmic energy / the Light and assist one to feel protected whilst doing so.

Combinations of any of the above are also available, with a charge of $2.00* for each additional Remedy, please note

Dosage bottles are also available at wholesale prices for retail sales, please note. Furthermore, if your business in interested in Tranquil Path preparing specific (customised) formulas for retailing purposes, please just contact us and we will provide further information, thank you

Retail bulk discount prices: stock bottles

Discounts apply for the following quantities ordered:
Bottle quantities: 11 - 20 / 21 - 40 / 41 - 60 / 61+ : reduced by 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 %, respectively
(does not include sale items, or combination dosage strength remedy bottles.)

Practitioners / full time students:

We supply various stock strength essences at discounted prices to practitioners.

Bottle quantities: 0 - 20 / 21 - 40 / 41 - 60 / 61+: reduced by 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 %, respectively:
does not include sale items, wholesale items

Referral Program.
(Currently not available, please note)

Practitioners, please note we also offer the following option: for any dosage bottle orders we receive from people / clients that you have referred to us, we offer a commission payment.
This option is ideal for kinesiologists, Reiki therapists etc, who either don't use, or use only a few, essences in their own practice, but who feel their customers could benefit from a dosage bottle prepared by Tranquil Path (for people or pets)
If you would like to learn more or be part of our "Referral Program", please just contact us, thank you

Tailor made remedies:
(Currently not available, please note)

- Remedy as per your request / selection from available essences; maximum of 7 essences per bottle: $15.00*^
E-mail, Skype or phone consultations are also available with Marlene, our qualified flower essence therapist (Customers to cover phone, Skype costs)
- Initial 15 minutes of consultation: free
- Every additional 10 minute (block) Tranquil Path is engaged in consulting: $5.00*

F.E.C Newsletter : please check our newsletter page for price details

F.E.C repertory : descriptions of the essences/products sold by Tranquil Path.
F.E.C essence list : list of all the essences available from Tranquil Path
F.E.C updates of new essences and products as they become available.
F.E.C reference list - list of essences recommended for different situations/issues
Testimonials regarding essences sold by Tranquil Path
All free by e-mail

Empty bottles: retail price only.
(Currently not available, please note)
30 ml blue bottles with glass stem dropper lids: $1.80*
Limited quantities available- 10 bottles per essence (stock strength) purchased
If no essences also purchased, max of 10 bottles per order

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are available from Tranquil Path: based on Austalian value of goods. i.e. issued in Australian currency.
Valid for 2 years from date of issue.

Animal welfare groups: Tranquil Path donates flower essences^ concentrates to animal welfare and rescue groups / individuals (please understand, we just need to ask that any such organisations / persons cover some / all of the cost of postage and handling, thank you)
If you are a rescuer or belong to an organisation and are interested in essence donations, please forward to us a letter of introduction, citing your details, registration information etc.
^ limited amount per person / organisation.

* Australian customers, please note: GST (10%) would be applied to asterixed items.

Tranquil Path P/L maintains the right to alter the above prices at any time without prior notificaton.

Please note: All above prices are in Australian dollars and do not include postage, handling or (optional) insurance or registration costs (or any international custom/government charges that may apply overseas, please note)

Should you wish to receive a quote for postage, handling (or insurance), please just contact Tranquil Path, thank you

Payment options:
PayPal, Australian cheques / money orders, direct deposit (local), T/T (international) and international bank cheques made out in Australian dollars .

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Thank you!

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