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"May we walk this earth with our animals friends, respectfully, peacefully and happily together"

~ Please note, TP is unfortuantely currently not offering a Reiki service. The below information is left on the site for information purposes only, please understand ~

What is Reiki?:

Reiki (pronounced "Ray Key") is a Japanese word meaning "universal life energy". A Reiki therapist "channels" (transfers) energy from the Universe to the recipient (person, animal, plant etc).

Today there are a number of Reiki systems ("varieties") available. Probably the best know is Usui Reiki, a system developed by a Japanese gentleman, Mikao Usui , in the late 1880's. Usui Reiki involves channelling the Life force and is widely used for people and animals experiencing emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. An Usui Reiki therapist can transfer the energy either by placing their hands on or slightly above the body (plant etc) or the energy can be "sent remotely" i.e. the practitioner does not need to be in the same place as the recipient and rather directs/sends the energy to whereever the person, animal etc is.

Reiki energy also "goes where it is needed". So whilst a Reiki practitioner can consciously direct energy to specific sites e.g. heart, the inherent Intellegence present in the energy also ensures energy goes to areas it is needed. This is just one of the remarkable, wonderful aspects of Reiki- one does not need to "work out" what areas (or things) need healing as the Intelligence does this.

Usui Reiki for Animals:

Usui Reiki is a wonderful therapy to offer animals. Many animals find Reiki energy very relaxing and soothing - with animals at times falling asleep during the course of a treatment.

Usui Reiki can be offered to animals with physical ailments e.g. sprains and / or disease e.g. arthritis. It can also be done for animals that are experiencing emotional difficulties, such as grief, depression, fear. Because Usui Reiki energy can address such emotions, it can also be given for any underlying emotional issues causing behavioural problems. (e.g. fear causing a horse to bolt or prance.) It also combines wonderfully (generally) with other therapies, approaches and medicines / remedies e.g. flower essences, homeopathy, behaviour training

Because Reiki can be done remotely/distantly, it is often an ideal therapy to use with wild / native animals, zoo animals, injured animals etc... also with frightened or "hostile" animals who do not wish (or do not allow themselves!) to be touched.

As is the situation with people, Reiki energy "travels" to where it is needed. Hence, though someone may request Reiki treatment for a particular emotional issue, organ, etc, it may end up that other aspects of the animal are also treated (e.g. unknown to the animal's human friend, the animal may have a sluggish bowel and Reiki energy ends up travelling to the bowel area as well or instead.)

Reiki service offered by Tranquil Path

Marlene, director of the Tranquil Path, has been doing hands-on-healing, privately, since she was a teenager. In 2010, she completed training in levels 1 and 2 Usui Reiki and completed a certificate in Reiki for Animals.
She now offers Usui Reiki treatments for animals from her office in country Victoria, Australia
Because the treatment is done remotely, the animal does not need to be present (i.e. with Marlene.) Marlene "tunes into" (energetically connects with) the animal in question and offers the animal Reiki energy.

Because each animal is unique, their requirements and preferences are also unique. Hence, whilst a session usually lasts 30-60 minutes, it may end up shorter or longer than planned/booked.
For example, sometimes, for whatever reason, an animal may not wish to receive much (or even any) Reiki energy. This is their choice, right, and (Marlene believes) ought to be respected - Reiki, is something that one offers, not forces, onto others!
Also, if Marlene feels/senses the session should be ceased or shortened, she will do so, again, in the best interests of the animal.

Alternatively, some animals may benefit from, or desire, longer sessions. (It is also awkward sometimes, to abruptly halt a session due to time running out.)

For such reasons, Tranquil Path prefers to be flexible regarding the length of a session. i.e. we prefer to "go with the flow" regarding time. Whilst we ask you to please indicate your prefered length of time for a treatment, we also encourage people to allow for some "overtime" if possible (i.e. allow sessions to be longer than booked if Marlene feels it is appropriate.)
If a session ends up shorter than planned, the cost is adjusted accordingly.

Sometimes only one Reiki session is enough to achieve the desired outcome for an animal. At other times, several follow up sessions are required. For some ailments / problems, regular Reiki sessions may prove beneficial e.g. a very old dog with advanced arthritis.
This side of things is discussed in more detail at the time Reiki is booked, please note.

Free Reiki is also offered to wildlife animals and rescue animals who are being looked after by foster carers/rescue workers. Restrictions apply however, due to time etc, please understand


Remote Usui Reiki treatments are currently being offered at the following (introductory) prices:

1/2 hour: $15.00* (instead of $30.00*)
3/4 hour: $22.50* (instead of $45.00*)
1 hour: $30.00* (instead of $60.00*.) Please note, any time over that is charged at $7.50* per 15 minutes (block)
* plus GST within Australia

Payment is required to be made prior to a Reiki session. When booking a session, please also indicate if you agree to a session being "open ended" regarding time (stating also the maximum length of time you permit session to run for)
For "open end" sessions that do end up longer than the time originally booked, any balance of payment is made after the session.

We accept payment by PayPal, cheque, money order or direct deposit (within Australia), and, PayPal, or telegraphic transfer (outside of Australia.)
Please note, if one is wishing to pay by VISA or Mastercard, this can be done via PayPal (given one also has an e-mail address.)
For any queries regarding payment, including PayPal, please just contact Tranquil Path, thank you.


If you wish to recieve more information about Reiki (e.g. learn about some of the situations it is often used for), please just contact Marlene.

Should you wish to book a Reiki consultation, please contact us and we can set up a suitable time. Please also indicate the animals name, spieces, location and provide a little information regarding him/her (e.g. background (known), current environment / lifestyle, current state of health, medical history,any problems he/she is experiencing etc)

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Please note: Reiki is not a substitute for important medical attention. The above is presented for information purposes only. It is not a replacement for professional medical diagnosis, prescription, treatment. No medical claims are`made.

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