Flower Essences for sensitive people

How flower essences can benefit people sensitive to their environment:

Browse through a brochure relating to flower essences and it is very possible you chance upon at least one flower essence that’s provides protection on some level. The protection afforded by the essence might be against environmental (physical) pollutants, or, on another level, against negative energy

Many people are instantly drawn to such flower essences as they find they are sensitive to “negative energy”. These can be in the form of radiation emitted from a computer or cars emissions etc - even other people’s “emissions”! (negative thoughts, feelings etc.) Many such people are also highly sensitive to and extremely aware of what is going on around them- they are often very intuitive and often able to sense things on a subtle level. A great many children have these qualities, their sensitivities not having been dulled with the passing of years, as so often happens in a world which often does not support and nurture this aspect of our being.

Such sensitive people, adults and children alike, often find themselves vulnerable to such environmental and energetic energy, as they tend to absorb such energies easily

Many counselors and therapists too speak of a similar experience- they find they too easily “sponge up” their clients energy, often feeling unnecessarily drained at the end of the working day. (Furthermore, many animals absorb what is going on around them- sadly, often to their detriment. Many pets “take on” their caretakers emotional “stuff”, either just because they simply are around them or, at times, because they want to relieve their caretakers of some their burdens! )

If the person in question is in a “good state”, physically, emotionally and spiritually, often they can discharge a given amount of these absorbed energies without them having much effect. However, at times, especially if one is run down, stressed, or unhealthy, the energies absorbed can prove “too much” – the person then experiences imbalances on some level. To help prevent this happening, or simply to help minimize the effects of such exposure, various flower essences can be taken, as they afford people greater resilience against the harmful factors in their lives.

For those, not familiar with flower essences, these are natural remedies made from flowers. The healing properties of flower essences are made possible through the life force of the flowers. Flower essences address negative emotional states (and sometimes physical ailments.) By dissolving and alleviating negative emotions, flower essences allow the Higher Self to manifest increasingly in the individual's life. This in turn strengthens and enhances one’s overall health and wellbeing

There are at present a number of different flower essences available to bolster one’s defenses against negative influences. Probably some of the best known are those of the Yarrow family. A popular essence to bolster one’s defenses against environmental pollutants is White Yarrow (Achilllea millefolium*) It is ideal for those who feel vulnerable to such forces as it reinforces an individual's energy structure and protects from negative influences such as radioactivity, electromagnetic and electronic energy from computers. For people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or talking on mobile phones, it therefore provides a value defence against the emissions they are exposed to during their working day. It is also a helpful essence to use before anyone undergoes an X-ray and it’s a good idea to also use if for a short period directly afterwards, as it can assist with the removal of the radiation from one’s body and energy field.

Another member of the Yarrow family is Pink Yarrow (Achilllea millefolium) (Achillea millefolium var. rubra). It’s qualities are also protective though this essence offers protection against negative emotions. Hence it is ideal for those who are very sensitive to other moods, energy, feelings, even thoughts. It is also helpful for people who tend to identify themselves with the emotions of others, at times causing confusion as to what feelings are their own or rather those absorbed from others. It’s an invaluable essence therefore also for therapists, especially those who tend to greatly sympathise and/or empathise with their clients, often to the detriment of their own health and wellbeing.

Buchu (Agathosma serpyllacea) can be of assistance also with regards to over-identification with the emotions of others- it helps to establish emotional boundaries.

Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) is also helpful for warding off other’s negative thoughts. It also alleviates mental confusion provoked by the thoughts of others. Similarly, Mountain Pennyroyal (Monardella odoratissima) lends one strength and clarity of thought, mental integrity and positivity, in the face of negative energy.

Protective also is Balm of Giliard (Populus gileadensis) which is useful for those who feel unprotected by outside forces.

Wild Garlic (Allium sativum) is also an important essence to take for any situation requiring resilience and strength. It is recommended for those who are weak, frightened, worried or easily influenced.

Another experience of many sensitive people is they are often to be found “in their heads” i.e. they are often lost in thought. They may be daydreamers, or at times be absent minded or vague. As a result, they can be said to be “off with the pixies”, “in la-la land”. Such comments are often unfortunately leveled at the person in question as a criticism i.e. such behaviour is viewed negatively. This can be difficult for the “daydreamer” to bear- such criticism can be hurtful and upsetting.

In truth, many sensitive people are naturally inclined to “turn inwards” (and upwards!)- the world of imagination, thought, fancy is their natural “stomping ground” so to speak. They feel very tuned in to this realm- of Spirit- and hence they often access it. Here their spirit can fly free, detached from the limitations (and at times judgment) of the physical plane. From this space, they (and others) often receive their most powerful, creative and wonderful thoughts and ideas.

However, at times such people can “linger” in this realm/space a little longer than is beneficial! It is no longer a situation of “head happily in the clouds” but rather the person has withdrawn significantly and is no longer fully “incarnate”. This can result in the person existing in an imbalanced state, which can cause problems on different levels- there may be physical problems as well as the more obvious emotional problems. e.g. the person may experience coldness in the extremities, a dulling of the mind. If one finds they have reached this point, a number of flower essences may be useful to help them re-balance i.e. carry out their daily activities / lives with greater ease and focus without surrendering their need and / or desire to turn inwards.

Clematis (Clematis vitalba) is suited for people who are daydreamers, absent-minded, sleepy, unobservant absorbed in thoughts and fantasy with no interest in the present. Another member of the Clematis family (Clematis jackmanii) likewise is applicable when the inner fantasy life has taken over and the person has withdrawn from the “everyday” world. Clematis helps ground these people in the earthly plane and can assist them harness their creative talents, bringing their dreams into physical manifestation

Squawvine (Mitchella repens) is all about earth connection, hence it may be helpful for people wanting to feel more grounded and less spacey.

A number of sensitive people readily surrender themselves to the dream state/world- they are very comfortable in their nighttime travels. Others can find that even in this state, as in the waking, they feel vulnerable and can experience therefore such nighttime disturbance as insomnia and night-sweats. St. Johns Wort (Hypericum perforatum) may be a useful essence for such people, helping them feel grounded and secure during expansion into other realms of consciousness. This essence may also be helpful for those feel vulnerable when meditating, as it brings an anchoring, protective energy

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) also helps grounds those who live too much in the ether of their dreams, while still allowing them access to dreamtime information. It helps make the transition from day to night and night to day levels of consciousness easier.

Burdock (Arctium Lappa) is also said to be very grounding and helps people become centered, focused. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is also recommended for those who are not fully present in their body. It also develops mental clarity.

For those very “porous” to what is going on around them, it is also often quite easy to feel overwhelmed, especially in the face of great activity. A number of essence can assist such people assimilate a great deal in an easier manner. One such essence is Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus nauseosus) for those who are overwhelmed by details and/or who struggle when faced with simultaneous events. Another such essence is Dill (Anethum graveolens). Likewise, Fig tree (Ficus carica) stimulates lucidity, self-control, mental clarity, self-assurance and memory.

Any of the above essences can be used on a daily basis if desired or alternatively just when one anticipates they could be helpful. eg. many sensitive people find being in a crowd rather stressful and challenging, especially if the crowd is in a building containing a lot of equipment and noise e.g. shopping center/mall. Such people can find the assault on their senses quite bewildering and exhausting. Taking some essences prior to visiting a crowded place can do much to ease their sense of being overwhelmed, losing their center etc.

So it is, that a number of flower essences can address the major difficulties many sensitive people may experience. Essences offer the benefit of protection and support, hence making them an invaluable tool in these people’s daily lives. Of course, the greatest protection we can give ourselves, is the harnessing of our inner Light- the Divine light, intelligence, guidance and power that lies within all in our True protection. We can tap into this source, and in healing ourselves, shine more brightly. Nature’s bounty however offers us wonderful healing agents such as flower essences to support us and to be utilized as we heal our selves, our hearts, our lives.

* nb. some plants species have a number of varieties e.g. in the Chamomile family, one can find the botanical varieties Matricaria chamomilla, Matricaria recutita and Anthemia nobilis. With regards to flower essences, it’s important to understand the qualities of the flowers belonging to the different varieties can have slightly different properties. Hence when ordering an essence based on its description, its important to check the botanical (latin) name of the flower essence is the same as that which you are after.

Furthermore, many flower essences have multi- healing qualities. For the purposes of this article, only the relevant qualities are stated, please understand

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