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Marlene is a great lover of music and is a big believer in the wonderful impact beautiful music can have on our daily lives - and that of our pets! She much enjoys songwriting and generally writes whatever comes to mind, "comes through", from blues to lullabies. She mostly however writes love songs / "crooner songs" and pop song and is big fan of harmonies and melodies.

Some of her songs (or snippets thereof) can be heard on Tranquil Path's web site pages- and a medley of song snippets can be found here page, please note. QuickTime Player is however required for any songs to play, please understand.

In 2012, Marlene began having some of her songs professionally recorded and hopes one day to also release songs commercially under a band's name. As a songwriter (and non-professional singer), she also welcomes enquiries from musicians, singers, producers, songwriters etc regarding possibly collaborating on projects etc.

Marlene hopes to also one day release an audio CD of a children's fantasy book she is currently writing which would include songs she has written (- a sample of the books current manuscript can be found here , please note)

Tranquil Path is currently the publisher for Marlene's songs* and has a variety of original songs available for licensing purposes (e.g. for recording purposes) with many more "in the pipeline"!

All licences are currently available** via APRA or directly from Tranquil Path (however Marlene is currently in the process of applying to also join PPCA, please note.) Should you wish to receive our direct licencing guidelines, please just contact T.P.
* (- however, she welcomes enquires from publishers interested in her songs.)

** Please note, "Shimmering (remix)" and "Shimmering (remix)_instrumental" are also available via Mana Music (in Melbourne, Australia) for advertising licencing purposes.

She also offers a lyric writing service for various purposes - lyric samples can be found on the lyrics page, please note.

Marlene also welcomes enquiries regarding other possible song writing options- for example, writing a jingle... or perhaps writing a song for your child (e.g. birthday gift), partner (e.g. wedding song!) or for one's precious pet! She is also available to discuss possibly penning a tune for charities / welfare organisations at no cost e.g. animal welfare organisations

Should you be interested to discuss these or other "musical matters", please just contact her via the enquiries page, thank you !

Songs available:

As songs are recorded and become available, they will be listed here, please note. Regarding retail purchases, all songs are in .mp3 format and are emailed to you following payment.

For all payment option details or to contact Marlene to place an order, please just click here

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